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How can Los Angeles Health Directory help YOUR medical practice or healthcare-related business with medical advertising? Most medical practices and healthcare-related businesses in L.A. have Websites. One of the most frustrating issues Website owners face are visitors – and requests – from out of State. It isn’t easy to ensure that your Website’s visitors are your target patients and / or customers.

The success of a Website is determined by many factors; the success of a local medical practice or healthcare-related business is largely dependent on targeted local traffic.

There are quite a few large and popular Websites that offer medical advertising for medical practices and / or healthcare-related businesses. The problem however is that they are nationwide. Yes, they can increase traffic to your Website, but as you already know large numbers of visitors out of the area don’t translate into actual local patients and / or customers.

Los Angeles Health Directory addresses this very issue: it doesn’t target the world or the nation but specifically greater Los Angeles area. Medical advertising on Los Angeles Health Directory improves medical practice’s or healthcare-related business’s visibility in local searches Online and attracts L.A. patients and / or customers.

Where does Los Angeles Health Directory’s power come from? We own many premium Los Angeles medical domain names; we run several well-ranking Los Angeles, Los Angeles health and Los Angeles dentistry Websites all of which refer visitors to Los Angeles Health Directory. We have impressive following on social networks which is being used to promote our advertisers.

Benefits of L.A. Medical Advertising on Los Angeles Health Directory:

  • If you don’t have a Website yet, local medical advertising Online will attract new patients / customers to your L.A. area medical practice or healthcare-related business.
  • If you have a Website, you’ll have the benefits of local medical advertising Online plus: a valuable, LOCAL backlink that will greatly contribute to your own Website’s visibility, traffic and search engine ranking.

Use L.A. Medical Advertising if you run or own:

  • L.A. Medical Practice
  • L.A. Medical Facility
  • L.A. Clinic
  • L.A. Nursing Home
  • L.A. Home Health
  • L.A. Pharmacy
  • L.A. Medical Supplies
    (L.A. meaning Greater Los Angeles area)

Relax and promote your Los Angeles medical practice or healthcare-related business on Los Angeles Health Directory! You’ll get a comprehensive listing, multiple pictures, Google map, excellent search filters, and more: all of it at a rate you CAN afford:

  • A listing for 6 months = $200
  • A listing for one year = $360
  • Can’t afford either one? No problem!

(You’ll be able to login and make changes to your listing throughout the duration of your ad.)

With seven years of history behind us, we’re transitioning to this, new Website. Obviously, the sooner you start your medical advertising on Los Angeles Health Directory the MORE attention it will get. It won’t get lost among thousands of out-of-the-area listings. It will get promoted to our many followers on social networks…

Register and START promoting your medical practice or healthcare-related business, right now, simply:

You won’t believe the difference visibility in local search results makes!

L.A. patients find medical practices and healthcare-related businesses on Los Angeles Health Directory. Make sure they’ll find YOU!

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